Community of Caring

The mission of Community of Caring is to meet basic human needs in a loving way.

Mother Mary Beth Kennedy and her husband, the late Rev. Charles Kennedy, Sr., saw people in need all around them. They believed that God calls us to respond to those needs with compassion. What started with a few bags of groceries and an occasional holiday dinner grew dramatically. As the needs grew, so did the Community of Caring.

Thanks to dedicated staff and volunteers, we have helped thousands of people. We don’t just provide basic physical necessities; we also feed the heart and spirit. People need love, acceptance, and a feeling that they can make a difference. Community of Caring provides a healing, nurturing community which makes this possible.

Beyond Shelter and Food

We work to establish a foundation of trust, allowing us to provide services to those once believed to be unreachable. Community of Caring helps individuals return to permanent housing and provides support and information to move them back to self-reliance and stability. We strive to end the cycle of homelessness by providing comprehensive programming that correctly and adequately prepares the individual for successful long-term housing.

Community of Caring has 17 paid staff and a core group of faithful volunteers who run programs at the food pantry and Dayenu House. Our community also includes the board of directors and many more donors and supporters. Anyone can be a Community of Caring volunteer. We have implemented processes at our shelters and taken precautions to protect the health and safety of our guests, volunteers, and staff while meeting the urgent needs of our community’s most vulnerable men and women.

Our Impact in 2022